Project: Press Play
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Dear Press Player


A message from webcomic creators


Thank you for reading our webcomic. We are two brothers whose mission in creating this project is to increase the conversation around mental health.

Our intention is to:

  1. Remind those with mental health struggles that someone else has been there too. Maybe that person is you. If so, we hope you’ll feel less alone through this difficult period — stay strong and seek help.

  2. Encourage everyone to talk about mental health experiences more openly and honestly in an effort to reducing shame and stigma.

  3. Inspire everyone facing any kind of adversity to make the leap from Perseverance to Play — we hope you’ll find the will and resiliency to not just survive, but live well and thrive.

On this site, you’ll find:

  1. Our webcomic: soon available in Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Thai.

  2. Dear Press Player, where Edward continues to further our project’s mission to talk about mental health more openly and honestly.

  3. Online community, where you can join us in the sharing and discussing of mental health resources.

May you live well and thrive,

Edward & Elbert


Dear Press Player: A mental health blog (more to come)